Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Confessions of a grown-up...

I love being 40. LOVE IT. I think it's wonderful and I've never had an issue with turning another year older. Just lately though, I've noticed a real shift in my thinking. In my attitude. In my perspective and I realised... I'm not a kid anymore.

Here are twenty things that firmly plant me in the middle aged garden. Can you relate to any of these??

1. I can't be bothered. I really can't be bothered with anything that is inane. This includes people, children, conversations, television programmes and food.

2. Comfort trumps fashion. Ditto warmth.

3. Random sunny, winter days = washing. If another, non-middle-aged friend invites me out on one of these days, I will only meet them AFTER I have done at least two loads... or else it would be a waste of a perfect washing opportunity.

4. Dinner time is 6pm. If I am invited out for a dinner booking anytime from 7pm on - I eat first.

5. I get annoyed if the phone rings after 9pm at night for any other reason than an emergency.

6. I hate the music that teenagers are listening to today... and like to remind them that I am from the era that INVENTED dance music.

7. I ask my 7 year old how to record something on the hard drive.

8. I like spending time with my Mum.

9. I don't understand why young girls want to dress like tarts... and I think they look like tarts... and I use the word 'tarts'

10. I call anyone under the age of 30, 'twelve'.

11. I like going to bed early. I relish it. I particularly like it when there are fresh sheets on that bed and I'm alone with a book. If the book is good enough, that could be a perfect Saturday night for me.

12. I'm happy to say no. To anything. Particularly if it falls into the category of point number 1.

13. I am no longer recruiting for friends, so I have no need to impress anyone that's unimportant to me.

14. My make-up routine involves more than lipgloss and mascara... and I have bought a foundation that makes my skin look younger.

15. My social calendar is full of 40ths, 50ths and funerals.

16. If I still haven't achieved anything by 10am I feel as though I've wasted half the day.

17. I usually achieve a lot by 10am!

18. I buy scented candles and burn them whenever I want... not just when I'm expecting visitors.

19. I listen to Mix 102.3 and I know all the songs.

20. I like me. I no longer want to change me or wish I was someone else. I like the way I look and I like the way I feel. I'm particularly happy with the knowledge that I would be a deadset hornbag if I went to the gym and the only reason I'm not a deadset hornbag is because the gym is inane and well.. refer to point number 1 again.

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