Monday, 27 May 2013

8 ways to exercise when you don't have time

I'm not one that exercises. I'm just not. I don't schedule time for the gym or for a run or even a walk. I always feel like that's a waste of time. Even though, I know that not true. It's just that in these time-poor days, planned exercise seems unachievable to me.

What I am good at, is incidental exercise. The kind of of exercise you don't need to make time for and that you don't realise you're actually doing. 

1. I walk my kids to school and back every day. I don't live far so it's not an arduous job. I know I'm fortunate to live that close but I watch every one line up in their idling cars to collect their kids from 'kiss and drop' and I think to myself, if they had just parked their cars at my place and walked... they would get there quicker, save some petrol [and fumes!] and get their body moving.

2. I raise my hills hoist clothes line up higher than it needs to be so that I am forced to stretch to hang my clothes out. It's a simple thing but when I'm hanging out at least one load a day, and often two, it's good for my arms and shoulders.

3. I don't waste my time looking for the closest carpark to the shopping centre door. The further from the door you look, the more car parks there are and the extra metres walk will do you good. Oh, and I ALWAYS return my shopping trolley to the bay. Even if it's far away. Even if someone's waiting for my park. It's not only a good way to move your body, it's also manners. 

4. Wherever I can, I take the stairs. Unless I'm going up to the 15th floor. I don't want to reach the top dead. 

5. I clean my house. Cleaning bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming, mopping and sometimes even cleaning windows once a week is a massive work out. Plus just making three beds every day gets the blood pumping.

6. Don't underestimate grocery shopping. If you're lucky enough to choose a trolley with shithouse wheels that won't steer straight, then we're talking real resistance training. Plus lifting full bags from trolley to car to kitchen does wonders for the arms.

7. Weeding. I like weeding. Bending, kneeling, pulling. Good movement and therapeutic. Plus you're outside... great for the vitamin D levels.

8. Dance, dance, dance, dance!!! I dance. Around the house. In the shower. When I'm driving in my car. I put my hands in the air like I just don't go care. I wiggle when I cook. I shuffle when I vacuum. I bust a move when I'm getting ready. I get down when I go out. Dance people. It's a winner.

What are some tips you have for those of us who don't exercise?

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