Friday, 21 November 2014

An Evening With John Edward

So a couple of weeks ago I went to see psychic medium John Edward. It wasn’t my preferred way to spend a Saturday evening but I had bought my true-believer mum two tickets for her birthday and she insisted that I accompany her, even though I had hoped my brother would go.

I was nervous in the lead up, which was silly of course. It’s just that I was raised in a family that’s into this kind of thing. Clairvoyants, tarot cards, astrology, superstitions and mediums are all things the women, at least, in my family have visited, talked about or studied. I grew up on tales of black magic and voodoo from Indonesia. My mother will not take a knife from my hand [I have to place it on the bench and she will take it from there] and will judge the merits of a new relationship based on the couples’ star signs. My grandmother could ‘read’ a house and tell in an instant if it was home to a positive or negative energy and knew every family member’s Chinese astrological sign. The whole family could tell you earnestly of crazy stories connecting them to loved ones who have passed and we all believe in the soul.

So I’m an almost believer. I reckon I’m about 85% convinced that this shit is real.  The other 15% is unconvinced. But then, I’m a Gemini so that makes me a hedge-better by nature. Anyway, it’s the 85% of me that was really nervous to go. I have seen Crossing Over so I know how John reads a crowd. There’s a lot of questioning to a particular area in the audience with what seems like specifics. He may say a name, a feminine/masculine energy, a cause of death or a date and someone in that area speak up and then we’re on. Once he’s homed in on someone he appears to become very specific with what he calls ‘validations’. And it’s about here that a skeptic COULD be validated. The ‘specifics’ that John reads were simultaneously spot-on and a lucky guess. That sounds weak, even to me but it seriously swings both ways – just like my opinion on all this.

The thing is – I WANT to believe. And that’s ultimately the crux of it, I guess. Everyone in that audience was there because they wanted to believe. They wanted answers. They wanted closure. Although as John himself so eloquently put it, they – we – were there for ‘connection’ not ‘closure’. Even the obtuse man who was brought along by his wife and initially refused to answer any of John’s quite specific and direct questions, ended up getting more out of it than anyone else once it became apparent that John was either truly getting messages from the bloke’s dead mother OR he was breathtakingly talented at reading this guy.

And that’s what I took away from it. Whether John Edward is indeed a psychic medium or not, he is incredibly intelligent. His insight and empathy is so spot on that I was floored. He used his skill [whatever you believe that may be] to counsel these people through some horrific circumstances of grief, loss, survival and life. I was fascinated to watch him essentially conduct a public therapy session with the members of the audience that the dead had messages for. He knew how far to push, what questions to ask and could deliver a piece of advice so specific to that person that you could see the clarity rise like a dawn on their face while the rest of us were collectively shrugging our shoulders in the international gesture of ‘huh??’

John uses a great analogy for the spiritual energy of our departed. “Think of a helicopter. While it’s stationary you can see the blades. Once it takes off, you can no longer see them – but you know they’re still there… a bit like the internet. You know it exists but you can’t visit. You can’t see it. You can’t touch it. Most of us can’t even explain it. It’s just there.”

Is it all for real? I still don’t know for sure, but in my heart I feel like it is.

Do you believe?

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