Monday, 7 January 2013

In a minute

I went back to work today after two weeks home with the family for the holidays. On the quiet, blissful drive into the city, I thought about all the things I was sick of saying and sick of hearing. I can write about it calmly and with perspective because I'm alone at the moment. 

I have no need to repeat myself. Again. And again. 

There is no need to raise my voice or stamp my foot or slam my open palm on the kitchen bench yelling 'that's enough!' 

I have no urge to mutter 'for fuck's sake' through my clenched teeth while breathing in long, slow and deep breaths. 

I am not hiding behind the locked bathroom door to escape the madness for a couple of minutes and I am not glaring at my husband's back as he is doing something so important on his iPhone/iPad/iMac/iSuck that he seems not to hear the madness.

Lalalalalala... I may open a bottle of wine and raise my glass to the silence.

Top 10 most repeated things I've said this summer so far:

"In a minute"

"You have 5 more minutes"

"Sit properly at the table"

"Don't hit your brother"


"Brush your teeth"

"One... two.... " [I don't often get to three but when I do...]

"Now with your manners"

"Shut the back door"

"Wash your hands"

Top 10 most repeated things I've heard this summer so far:

"I'm bored"

"What can we do now?"


"Why not?"

"You promised!"

"It's not fair"

"Can we go to...?"



"He hit me!"

I plan to say more of:

"Ask your father"


"Have fun"

"See you when I get back"

What about you? What are you sick to death of saying??


  1. Bravo! I remember us talking about you actually realising your blog. Glad to see it come to life. Tania xxx

    1. Thanks! It's a work in progress but I'm really enjoying the sharing :)