Friday, 11 January 2013

Baby Bath

This remarkable video is doing the rounds on Facebook. It's a serene, touching and awe-inspiring movie of a newborn baby being bathed.

Isn't it amazing?

Now here is a photo of my son's first bath.

My husband is proudly doing it. That's me, sitting next to the wash area. With hair pasted to my head and furry teeth in a hospital gown and a pad the size of a cot mattress. I'm in a wheelchair because I can't stand up which, surprisingly, has nothing to do with the mattress between my legs. My legs are just unable to hold me up. My body is still in shock from the ridiculously fast labour. So I'm feigning a smile. There's no soothing music or beautiful baby massages or water running gently over my baby's head. There is a very wriggly and soon to be screaming newborn with an outstanding startle reflex that will scare the shit out of his Dad about 2 minutes after this shot was taken.

I wish I'd taken a video of that.

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