Friday, 11 September 2015

How to Host a Soccer Party

My gorgeous youngest son turned eight this year.

Unlike his brother, he LOVES a good party. Especially his. He's just like me really. In his time he has had a Diego inspired Mexican party, an animal party, garden party, a superhero party and a reptile party.

This year he wanted a soccer party. And when my son asks me for a themed party I swing into gear quick smart. Because themed parties keep my motor ticking.

I did some searching and found these online printables on ETSY. SIMONEmadeit had a full kit which I could buy and the edit/print at my own leisure.

So I started with the invitations which I sent in co-ordinating black envelopes and the theme was set!

insert pic of invitation

When everyone arrived they all received their own VIP guest pass which they loved! The printable was part of the pack I bought and then I went to OfficeWorks and bought the lanyards from there. 

I always get my printing done at Office Works. They're quick, convenient and the quality is always spot on.

Having just hosted an AFL Party in April, I already knew how I was going to cater for a group of boys.

Stadium Food!

The party was from 2pm-4.30pm so it was after lunch and before dinner but 8 year old boys use up a lot of energy and get starving every twenty minutes. So I served up hotdogs, hot chips, pies and sausage rolls. They all had their own water bottles and there were lollies, chips and popcorn to snack on during the afternoon.

Having a winter holiday is always touch and go and the weather in the lead up to the party was shitful so at the last minute we decided to hire an air-hockey table which we set up under the carport. Together with the soccer table and the front yard there was plenty for the kids to do. I also had FIFA ready to go on the PS4 but it didn't even enter their minds. LOVE IT!

The special request for the cake was an actual soccer ball. Like a round ball. That was never going to happen. So I hired a cake mould from Complete Cake Decorating Supplies and bought some white buttercream and some black colouring. 

I also picked up some sugared, edible soccer decoration for the cupcakes. I've mentioned before that I don't let the kids eat the cake I make. It's because I always have two parties for my kids and I need the proper cake to last for both of them! So they all sing around the cake and then I serve them cupcakes. They all think it's a bit weird. I think it's genius. The cake mould took two Betty Crocker vanilla cake mixes and I made the cupcakes from one Betty Crocker Devil's Food mix which I decorated with green coloured coconut grass and a soccer ball topper. One discerning party guest declared them "the yummiest cupcakes EVER!" 

When they left they all took home a little lolly bag and their VIP lanyard.

And then the whole catastrophe family came over for dinner and we ate the soccer cake.

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