Friday, 15 June 2012

Let's get this straight...

5 things I won’t do as a Mum

I will not eat off my kids’ fork/spoon/finger. It makes me sick. They lie about washing their hands and when they do it means waving their disease covered fingers under a cold running tap. I’m surprised they’re not riddled with worms… but just in case they are – I don’t want to eat off their fork.

I will not let them win games. I don’t like bad sports so I don’t want to raise any.

I will not buy them alcohol when they are underage and I will not let them have sex under my roof under the guise of ‘at least I know where they’re doing it’. I know where they’ll do it, without having to condone it. They’ll lie their way into bars and have sex in the back seat of cars. Like their parents did.

I will not let them believe they are owed anything in this world, without earning it first.

I will never give them any reason to think that I don’t love them. Ever.


  1. But do you eat their leftovers? Terrible habit especially for the waist line, but what about the wasted food! I can't stand waste.

  2. yessssss... I have been known to scoff some of their untouched dinner before, though I have learned to serve up appropriate portions to reduce that. I much rather hearing "can I have some more?" to "I can't finish this"!