Friday, 15 June 2012

I'm still a virgin - aren't you?

My first time

Today was Stefan’s first school transition visit. 

He was SO excited and fully prepared for whatever the morning threw at him and it got me thinking about the last time I did something for the first time. I came up with 3 of my most memorable virgin experiences…

Going out for dinner and a movie in Gold Class

This happened a few weeks ago. How have I never done this before? Seeing a movie in Gold Class was the worst thing I could do. I can never again watch another movie in the cinema again without spending the entire movie thinking ‘I wish I was in Gold Class’. In Gold Class you have your own personal host who takes your orders, brings you your drinks and comes and gets you when the movie starts to escort you to your own private chairs. Chairs which recline ALL THE WAY and have a table in between them to put your alcoholic beverage on. In Gold Class there’s no-one sitting next to you except for the person you came with which in my case was Mark. Oh, and there’s another first… I can finally say, that I lost my virginity with my husband ;) In Gold Class they bring you your dinner at the time you’ve ordered it for and you eat it in your reclining chair. Same goes for dessert and any drinks you may like. In Gold Class you feel special and it’s very easy to overlook the $70+ per head it cost for the experience. So now, dinner and a movie can all be wrapped up in two hours! I wish I hadn’t let all those Gold Class gift tickets expire over the years…

Wearing brand new gold shoes

I can’t get this first-time experience out of my head because my feet are still sore – and it was last month!! Seriously, wearing new shoes is like heaven and hell all at once. They looked SENSATIONAL and I felt like a goddess when I put them on. Skip to two hours later and I felt like a hag with arthritis and bunions. Granted, I still looked good… if I was sitting down!

Selling my first shirt

Many years ago, in a previous life, I had my own business. It was a concept I stole from Italy and Adelaide embraced its first men’s shirt and tie boutique. Setting it up was a huge feat including developing my own brand and sourcing European shirt and tie manufacturers. On the first day that I opened my doors, I sold 3 shirts to my first ever customer within the first hour of opening. It was nearly an $800 sale. I was SO excited that I nearly kissed him and as soon as he left the shop I danced a jig, fist pumped and, in lieu of the yet to be invented social media vehicles, I called everyone I knew to tell them! Such a great first time memory.

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