Friday, 15 June 2012

Before blogs there were diaries

Here's my first diary entry, from 12 year old Tania.

I have copied it verbatim [including spelling errors]. The bracketed text in blue are 40 year old Tania's 'special comments'.

Enjoy x

Tuesday 15 January 1985

Today I went to Ilka's to stay the night. I got there and we stuffed around a bit. [I haven't used 'stuffed around' for ages... may bring that out again] Then we set up the tent that we were to sleep in that night. We had curry for tea and white chocolate mousse for dessert.[that's a Facebook status update right there] Then Ilka found some sparklers and we lit them and went to stop cars on Bray Street. We got home and readied ourself for bed. [readied ourself? Even back then I thought someone would want to read my stuff.. maybe my English teacher] We sat in the tent, stuffing our faces with chocolate & chips and told each other about ex boyfriends etc.[ex boyfriends - plural - at the age of 12. Already making our mothers proud] We tried to get to sleep but couldn't so we decided to make obsene noises and pretend that I was the boy and she was the girl.[as you do] We finally did get to sleep but woke up more than several times in the night. I'm really glad I've got Ilka as a friend. I really love being with her. [to this very day]


  1. Well!Hang on...just got to get a wine...hang on....back now! The old camp out hey!..Your food was special!! You did not mention mozzies (which always kept me awake!)
    Glad you are such close friends after being the 'boy' and the 'girl'!!
    Hi Ilka! Lots of love to you, Tan!! xxoo

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Eva... I don't remember there being mozzies because I think it was probably too cold!

  3. OK, now grab a 12 year old today and compare the quality of this writing with their (probably) Facebook posts. Now I come to think of it, this is better written than many adults of today. LOL... IMHO... SROTFLMAO.... *groan* ;-)